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Business Meeting Invitation Letter

Business meeting invitation letter is the letter exchanged between two business entities/ organisations when the two are supposed to be conducting a business meeting. The meeting could be in reference to any of the numerous business reasons like a deal, project, conference etc. The letter is prepared as per the formal format given its nature… Read More »

Restaurant Invitation Letter

Restaurant invitation letter is written by the owner or respective authority of a restaurant inviting an individual/ entity for a certain event. The event can be anything ranging from a promotional event to a launch party or any other event. A sample letter wherein the restaurant owner is inviting press members to the restaurant’s anniversary… Read More »

Formal Invitation Letter

A formal invitation letter is the letter written to be sent through formal channels wherein sender is inviting the receiver for a formal event. The formal event can be any number of things for example it can be a conference, a workshop, a gala, a benefit or an official launch event etc. Given below is… Read More »

Marriage Invitation Letter to Friends

The marriage invitation letter to friends is the letter written by an individual to his/ her friends. It is through this letter that the individual is inviting all of his/ her friends to the wedding. The letter must mention the details of the marriage like date, time, venue and others. Below given is a sample… Read More »

Graduation Invitation Letter

The graduation invitation letter refers to the letter written by a graduating student to someone he/ she wants to invite for his/ her graduation ceremony.  The sample graduation invitation letter given below displays a student inviting his school teacher and mentor for his bachelors’ degree graduation ceremony. Sample Graduation Invitation Letter: To Mr. Liam Sanders… Read More »

Invitation Letter To Conference

An invitation letter to conference is a letter which is written by a person to invite another individual or group of people to a conference.  Such a letter must consist of the details of the conference including the purpose for which it is being held, the date and time of the conference as well as… Read More »

Invitation Letter For Dinner

Whenever a person hosts a dinner, he/she invites his/her family, friends or colleagues either by making a call or by using the method of an invitation letter, which in this case is known as an invitation letter for dinner. A sample of one such invitation letter for dinner is given below. Sample Invitation Letter For… Read More »

Invitation Letter For Visa

An invitation letter for visa is that letter which is written to invite someone to his/her country as a sponsor or host so that the invitee can use the letter for visa purpose.  Such letters are used by those who are planning to stay at someone’s house during their stay in another country. Sample Invitation… Read More »

Marriage Invitation Letter For Friend

A marriage invitation letter for friend is that letter which is written by someone to invite a friend to his/her marriage.  The letter must politely send across an invitation and should state the time, date and location of the ceremony.  The sample given below will be of use to you. Sample Marriage Invitation Letter For… Read More »

Invitation Letter

An invitation letter is a letter which is used to invite either a person or group of people to an event, occasion, place or party. A sample invitation letter on the other hand is a letter which can be used as a sample of an actual invitation letter to refer or learn from the format… Read More »