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Church Anniversary Invitation Letter

A Church anniversary invitation letter is a kind of invitation letter wherein the church authority such as the pastor will personally made the said letter to invite his parishioners and fellows to become part of the special event. There are proposed activities as part of the main event wherein active participation of the members of… Read More »

Church Invitation Letter

A Church invitation letter is a kind of invitation letter for a church event wherein the church authority such as the pastor will personally made the said letter to his parishioners. This is to invite each of them to become part of the event or any activities in lined up to be held at the… Read More »

Event Invitation Letter

An event invitation letter is made by the sender to the receiver of the letter inviting them to be a guest or participant for the upcoming event. In this letter, it includes the details of the event such as the venue and time. It is very important to be concise in making this kind of… Read More »

Immigration Invitation Letter

An Immigration invitation letter is a letter made for the purpose of requesting an issue of visa to someone commonly your family and relatives. This letter is beneficial to help someone to visit your residency in foreign country so that the application for visa will be process. It must include in the letter  the purpose… Read More »

Invitation Letter for Business Visa

An invitation letter for business visa is a letter made with strict rules and conditions that must abide wherein the purpose of such invitation is when you want to extend  a business related invitation for someone to travel from a foreign country and work for your company. Sample Invitation Letter for Business Visa May 24, 2015… Read More »

Invitation Meeting Business Letter

An invitation meeting business letter refers to a business letter wherein an entity is writing to a business organisation regarding a meeting which the former wants to conduct with the latter. The letter has to follow the general official pattern because it forms the mode of communication between the formal/ professional entities. Sample Invitation Meeting… Read More »

Invitation Letter for Visitor Visa

When someone is to travel to certain countries like the United States, the applicant must have an invite from a resident in the country. The letter written by such resident to the applicant is referred to as the invitation letter for visitor visa and it is on the basis of this letter that the visa… Read More »

HR Interview Invitation Letter

An HR interview invitation letter is the letter written by an organisation/ entity inviting an applicant to interview for a certain human resources job position at the organisation. The letter is the official mode of communication between the applicant and the recruiting business entity.  A sample letter is given below. Sample HR Interview Invitation Letter:… Read More »

Tourist Visa Invitation Letter

A tourist visa invitation letter is the letter written by an individual who is sponsoring the visit of a foreigner to his/ her own country. In the letter, the sender i.e. the sponsoring party writes to the visa applicant inviting him/ her to their home country. This is a procedural obligation required to be met… Read More »

Business Formal Invitation Letter

A business formal invitation letter by definition is a letter written by a business entity to formally invite another entity, individual like client etc. The invitation is sent out for some formal event like a party, a meeting or a conference etc. and hence must contain appropriate details of the event. Sample Business Formal Invitation… Read More »