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Job Inquiry Letter

Job inquiry letter is a letter for jobs that are open to a company or corporation but not announce the said opening, this letter contains the qualifications and skills that the company needs and sees as an asset for the vacant job. Here is a sample: Sample Job Inquiry Letter To: Mrs. Nancy Kerr Nursing Director… Read More »

Letter of Inquiry Grant

Letter of inquiry grant is a letter that is used by some organizations to fund their projects; it is a proposal to finance the desired plan by depicting the mission of the group and the means to attain it. It consists of the need for fund, description of the group, methodology, sources of income, and… Read More »

Inquiry Cover Letter

Inquiry cover letter is similar to job inquiry but the difference is that it supports the resume of the applicant that makes him/her application interesting. It shows what does the applicant exceeds compared to others applicants; it is usually short but direct to the point. Here is a sample: Sample Inquiry Cover Letter To: Ms. Georgia… Read More »

Property Inquiry Letter

A property inquiry letter is a broad head which includes all letter types, wherein the sender is making an inquiry about a certain property. The purpose of the letter is to get the respective information about the property from the receiver. The receiver is generally an individual/ entity of authority that will have the information… Read More »

Product Inquiry Letter

A product inquiry letter is the letter that makes any sort of an inquiry about a certain product from the product seller or manufacturer. The letter may be written by a consumer making a query or it may be written by a seller, say a retailer, to the manufacturer making a query. A sample of… Read More »

Business Communication Inquiry Letter

A business communication inquiry letter is a kind of a formally drafted letter which is written by a person with the aim of making an inquiry regarding business communication between two persons or parties. The letter must state the exact inquiry in clear and detailed words. A sample of a business communication inquiry letter is… Read More »

Credit Card Inquiry Letter

Any inquiry posed for the authority that issue credit card by a holder of the card in form of a letter is referred to as a credit card inquiry letter. These types of letter are formal in nature and must mention the query in detail. Below given is a sample letter. Sample Credit Card Inquiry… Read More »

Credit Report Inquiry Letter

Whenever either of the parties involved in a credit arrangement writes a letter to the other involved party making any sort of an inquiry about the credit report, the letter is referred to as a credit report inquiry letter. A sample of such a letter is being given below. Sample Credit Report Inquiry Letter: To… Read More »

Customer Service Inquiry Letter

A customer service inquiry letter is a letter which a person writes to the customer service department of a company or a service provider in order to place an inquiry or get some doubts cleared. The letter must clearly mention the inquiry and also give full details of the sender so that the customer service… Read More »

General Job Inquiry Letter

A general job inquiry letter is the letter written by an individual to an entity or organization making any general inquiry about a certain job. The kind of inquiry can be about any aspect of the job say for example inquiry about working hours, about a certain vacancy or about job description etc. Sample General… Read More »