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Hardship Letter for Mortgage

Hardship letter for mortgage is written to the lender by the borrower to provide information regarding the hardship, financial issues and inability to pay for the mortgage. The letter must also mention the help or the assistance needed by the borrower. A sample letter is given below for reference. Sample Hardship Letter For Mortgage: To,… Read More »

Loan Modification Hardship Letter

A loan modification hardship letter is one that is written by a borrower to a lender requesting for loan modification due to some hardship. In this letter one should explain the financial situation, and the reasons why one is unable to make the loan payments. A sample loan modification hardship letter is given here under… Read More »

Hardship Letter for Short Sale

A hardship letter for short sale is a letter which is written by a borrower to a lender to explain reasons for inability to make monthly mortgage payments on time and to request the lender or bank for short sale rather than foreclosure or bankruptcy.  A sample has been provided below. Sample Hardship Letter for… Read More »