Temporary Guardianship Letter

When the parent wishes to turn the guardianship of their children to some other adult for a temporary period, a letter is written which mention the necessary details and such... Read More

Not Renewing Lease Letter

When the tenant wishes to inform his landlord that he does not want to renew the lease, he writes a letter that is called as not renewing lease letter. Through... Read More

Management Representation Letter

To highlight any of the audit evidences, an auditor’s client writes a letter to the auditor which is known as management representation letter. This letter is written to declare to... Read More

Credit Report Dispute Letter

When a person files a complaint to the credit bureau regarding the inappropriate and faulty credit information, he writes a letter that is called as credit report dispute letter. This... Read More

Goodbye Letter to a Friend

Goodbye letter to a friend is written to bid goodbye to a friend when he/she is leaving for job, vacation, training or any other reason. These letters convey your feelings... Read More

One Year Anniversary Letter

One year anniversary letters are those letters that are written by one person to another in order to convey your best wishes on their first anniversary of marriage or any... Read More

I Miss You Letters for Him

I miss you letters for him are the thoughtful letters that are written by the females to their male partner such as boyfriend, husband, friend or fiancé, to let him... Read More

Eviction Notice Letter

Eviction notice letter is written when the sender wishes to notify the reader to finally evict, expel or vacate the premises, activities or set of responsibilities. These letters are most... Read More

Company Introduction Letter

When the manager, director or any other employee, of the company wishes to introduce his or her company to any other business firm or the organisation, he writes a letter... Read More

Loan Commitment Letter

Loan commitment letter is a formal letter that is given by the lender to the borrower stating that the loan would be given, after the desirable conditions are met. Through... Read More

Friendly Letter Format for Kids

Friendly letter formal for kids is a format or the layout letter that can be used by the kids to draft a letter for a desired purpose. These formats must... Read More

Format for Writing a Letter

When drafting a letter, it is important that you frame it with a proper format. Format for writing a letter depends upon whether the letter is formal or informal. The... Read More

Financial Support Letter

A financial support letter is generally written when a person, company or an organization is seeking for financial aid from another individual or an organization. The letter can also be... Read More