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Farewell Letter to a Boss after Resignation

Farewell letter to a boss after resignation is just similar to a farewell letter but with conviction and respect. This letter is professionally made to show an appreciation to your boss who did an excellent part in the company as well as a mentor and role model to his or her employees. This letter is… Read More »

Professional Farewell Letter

Professional Farewell letter is a letter sent to colleagues or managers as their last goodbye. It is highly personal letter with sentimental thought and with reminiscing on the happy past, it also contains the contact details of the sender as a further contact to those he/she left from previous corporation or institution. Here is a… Read More »

Farewell Letter to Employer

Farewell letter to employer is a note telling their last parting by the employee to the corporation or institution they are working to for quite a time. It is personal and confidential, the employee indicates his/her gratitude’s to his/her employer for all the good deeds that had been done to him/her. Here is a sample… Read More »

Farewell Letters to Parents

Farewell letters to Parents from Teacher is a message of appreciation by teacher to the parents of his/her students. Like other farewell letters it is also special with intimate message to the parents, the fruitful times he/she had with the students and happy moments they shared together and here is  a sample: To: Parents of… Read More »

Thank you Farewell Letter

Thank you farewell letter is a note sent to someone who is important and did something very special or significant to someone, it indicates the degree of gratitude of a person to someone and elaborates all the things that a person does to someone and here is a sample: To: Engr. Elaine Lozano Officer in… Read More »

Farewell Letter to Brother

A farewell letter to brother is a letter which is written by a person to wish his/her brother a happy farewell. The letter is generally written on an occasion where the brother is leaving town or city for some purpose such as studying or working etc. A sample of a farewell letter to brother is… Read More »

Farewell Letter To General Manager

A farewell letter to general manager is a kind of a formally drafted letter which is used by a person to wish a farewell to a person working as a general manager in a company.  These types of letters are generally formal in nature and must also wish the recipient good luck for his/her future.… Read More »

Formal Farewell Letter to Manager

A formal farewell letter to manager is a type of a letter which is written by a person or an employee of a company to bid farewell to the person working as a manager in that company. The tone and structure of such letters must be formal. A sample of one such letter is given… Read More »

Farewell Letter to Boss

Whenever an employee bids good bye to a boss when the boss is leaving the place of employment, then the letter which is used to wish farewell is known as a farewell letter to boss. The letter is formal in nature and must sound genuine in tone. A sample is given below: Sample Farewell Letter… Read More »

Formal Farewell Letter to Customer

A formal farewell letter to customer is a letter via which a company or a retailer says good bye and wishes farewell to a customer. The letter is generally written when a customer is changing address or leaving the city and won’t be able to avail the services of the sender from then onwards. Sample Formal… Read More »