Employment Termination Letter

Employment termination Letter is a note sent to an employee by his/her employer conveying that he/she is dismissed in the job and the grounds that caused for the said termination.... Read More

Employment Offer Letter

Employment offer letter is a note sent to an employee that offers the job that he/she is entitled to. The letter includes the benefits that will gain once he/she will... Read More

Self Employment Letter

Self employment letter is a letter made by self employed workers proving that you are earning an income not in the company or institution. This letter is used for purpose... Read More

Two Week Notice Letter

When a person wishes to notify his or her employer regarding his resignation, he or she should draft a two week notice letter in advance. These letters are sent in... Read More

Letter of Recommendation for Employment

Letter of recommendation for employment are the recommendation letters that are written to refer a person for seeking an employment at a particular place. These letters are framed in such... Read More

Offer of Employment Letter

Offer of employment letter, also called as job offer employment letter is written by an employer of a company to an applicant to inform him that he is being offered... Read More

Candidate Rejection Cover Letter

Candidate rejection letter is sent by an employer to those candidates who are not selected for the applied post due to inability to meet the required conditions and skills or... Read More

Employee Warning Letter

An employee warning letter is written by an employer to the employee to warm him when there has been an incidence of misconduct or unsatisfactory performance. This letter serves as... Read More

Farewell Letter to Employees

A farewell letter to employees is written by a person who is leaving the organization. Through the letter, the person thanks and appreciates the entire management and his employees with... Read More

Employment Verification Letter for Visa

Employee verification letter for visa is written by a company on its letter head to the visa office stating the credibility of the employee. The letter has to be carefully... Read More

Employment Confirmation Letter

To, Leo Tolstoy High Rise Apartments Apt no. 43, block b, 3rd floor 67 Red Road New Wisconsin, Indiana 3219 Dated: 9th of May 2013 Subject: Letter for confirmation of employment... Read More

Proof of Employment Letter

To Whom it may concern Date: 12th October 2013 Subject: Proof of Employment Letter Re: William Bob (sales employee) Dear Sir/Madam, With a great pleasure and joy, I would like... Read More