Donation Verification Letter

When a company or a person makes a donation to a foundation for a cause, the officials from the foundation write a donation verification letter to the former party confirming... Read More

Church Donation Request Letter

A church donation request letter is written to notify donors about an emergency and the need of monetary help. The church gets an opportunity to raise enough funds for a... Read More

Business Donation Request letter

A business donation letter specifies details of all the activities that will be undertaken when such a social cause is encouraged. This is written straight to the point and mentions... Read More

Church Donation Thank you Letter

A Thank You letter by the Church authority is written to thank the person or an organization for showing their kind gesture or gratitude towards a good cause. It is... Read More

Corporate Donation Letter

A corporate donation letter is written to an organization for donation purpose. These corporations donate a certain sum of their profit money for charitable purposes. The letter can either be... Read More

Donation Request Letter for Employees

The letter of donation request for employees is written to request employees towards the fund raising campaign. The letter will clearly state the reason for seeking donation and the minimum... Read More

Donation Thank you Letter for Non Profit

Thank you letter towards donation for non-profit seeking organization is written to the donor. The letter will thank the person who has donated money or rendered useful service to an... Read More

Donation Request Letter for School

The letter of donation request is written to the donor by the principal of the school. The principal will state the reason for asking for donation and also the exact... Read More

Follow up Letter for Donation Request

The follow up letter for donation request is written with an intention to the donor to follow up the fund raising request. The letter will restate the cause of donation request.... Read More

Church Donation Letter

The letter of church donation is written with an intention to raise funds. The main objective is to get financial help from the donor. The tone of the letter should... Read More

Thank You Letter for Donation

Thank you letter for the donation are the letters that are written by the charitable organisation, NGO’s or any other organisation, to thank donor(s) for their donations and charities. These... Read More

Charity Donation Request Letter

To, Liza Marley Administration Department Genesis Corporation Limited 43 Rover Range Street New York, New Jersey 4321 Dated: 8th of July 2013 Subject: Letter for charity donation Respected Miss. Marley,... Read More

Donation Support Letter

To, Fred Timothy Principal St. Peter’s International school U-89, Fredson Street, G block London Date: 29th Oct, 2012 Subject: request for support of donation to child fund Dear Sir I,... Read More