Hotel Confirmation Letter

Hotel confirmation letter is a type of confirmation letter used as an acknowledgment made by the hotel to their guest for the room of choice that they requested to reserve... Read More

Delivery Confirmation Letter

Delivery confirmation letter is an acknowledgment letter with the receipt as proof of purchase given to the customer regarding the ordered goods or services. A way of communication between the... Read More

Confirmation Sponsor Letter

Confirmation sponsor letter is a confirmation letter written to address the potential sponsors it can be people, organization or company that are likely to shoulder funds, support or financially contribute... Read More

Confirmation Letter to Child

Confirmation letter to child is a letter written confirming the purpose of supporting a child or adopting a child by a well known family, an organization or a charitable institution.... Read More

Work Confirmation Letter

Work confirmation letter is a letter given to a person who passed the probationary period and accepted to work as a regular staff in the company or organization. The letter... Read More

Letter to Confirm Interview Invitation

A letter which is written by a person to confirm receiving an interview invitation is known as a letter to confirm interview invitation. Such a letter must mention the date... Read More

Letter To Confirm Travel Arrangements

A letter which is written by a travel agent to a client with the aim of confirming the travel arrangements is known as a letter to confirm travel arrangements. This... Read More

Employee Job Confirmation Letter

An employee job confirmation letter is a letter which is written by a company or an employer to inform a job applicant about his/her job confirmation in that company or... Read More

Legal Confirmation Letter

A legal confirmation letter is a letter which is written by one party another to confirm something legally. The letter can be written in several situations where a legal confirmation... Read More

Maternity Leave Confirmation Letter

A maternity leave confirmation letter is a letter which is written by a senior level executive of a company or any other working entity to confirm or accept a maternity... Read More

Loan Confirmation Letter

A loan confirmation letter is a letter which is being sent by a financial institution to the loan borrower party informing him that the loan amount requested has been sanctioned.... Read More

Leave Confirmation Letter From Employer

A leave confirmation letter from employer is a formal letter which is used in workplaces by employers to confirm leave applications of employees. These letters state the fact that the... Read More

Financial Confirmation Letter

A financial confirmation letter is a letter which is used in the case when one person or party has to confirm a financial transaction and its details to another person... Read More