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Hotel Confirmation Letter

Hotel confirmation letter is a type of confirmation letter used as an acknowledgment made by the hotel to their guest for the room of choice that they requested to reserve including the personal details given at the time of booking. The letter only confirms that the both parties made an agreement regarding the date of… Read More »

Delivery Confirmation Letter

Delivery confirmation letter is an acknowledgment letter with the receipt as proof of purchase given to the customer regarding the ordered goods or services. A way of communication between the supplier and the consumer wherein if the goods or services are safely and correctly delivered and checked before the turn over. It is usually given… Read More »

Confirmation Sponsor Letter

Confirmation sponsor letter is a confirmation letter written to address the potential sponsors it can be people, organization or company that are likely to shoulder funds, support or financially contribute for the preparation of certain event or any kind of activity for a good cause. This confirmation letter will let the sponsors know where the… Read More »

Confirmation Letter to Child

Confirmation letter to child is a letter written confirming the purpose of supporting a child or adopting a child by a well known family, an organization or a charitable institution. This serves as a document for both parties. The letter is made for the purpose of helping the children to uplift their lives and make… Read More »

Work Confirmation Letter

Work confirmation letter is a letter given to a person who passed the probationary period and accepted to work as a regular staff in the company or organization. The letter will include the terms and conditions abiding the rules and standards of the company that you will work for, the position you are entitled and… Read More »

Letter to Confirm Interview Invitation

A letter which is written by a person to confirm receiving an interview invitation is known as a letter to confirm interview invitation. Such a letter must mention the date and time of the interview to confirm receiving the interview. A sample of one such letter is provided below for reference. Sample Letter to Confirm Interview… Read More »

Letter To Confirm Travel Arrangements

A letter which is written by a travel agent to a client with the aim of confirming the travel arrangements is known as a letter to confirm travel arrangements. This letter must give a brief description or a gist of the travel arrangements such as accommodation, flight, train and other such information. Sample Letter To Confirm… Read More »

Employee Job Confirmation Letter

An employee job confirmation letter is a letter which is written by a company or an employer to inform a job applicant about his/her job confirmation in that company or workplace.  The letter must state the basic details of employment as well as the date and time of joining. A sample is given below. Sample Employee… Read More »

Legal Confirmation Letter

A legal confirmation letter is a letter which is written by one party another to confirm something legally. The letter can be written in several situations where a legal confirmation is required or needed. The letter is formal and confirms the legal acceptance of a matter. A sample is provided below. Sample Legal Confirmation Letter: To,… Read More »

Maternity Leave Confirmation Letter

A maternity leave confirmation letter is a letter which is written by a senior level executive of a company or any other working entity to confirm or accept a maternity leave application of an employee. A letter of this kind must be formally drafted and should be able to convey the acceptance of leave application… Read More »