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Harassment Complaint Letter

Harassment complaint letter is a complaint letter that can be used to express the feelings and views of the person who gets offended by the action and behavior of other person involved.  There are many forms of harassment, most common is the sexual harassment that can be done either verbal or through action. Sample Harassment Complaint… Read More »

Official Complaint Letter

Official complaint letter is a type of letter that serves as a document for important issues or complaints that need to be address. Also known as formal letter. This letter will be the basis for record purposes about what your are complaining and what necessary actions you wanted to be done. Sample Official Complaint Letter David… Read More »

Apartment Complaint Letter

Apartment complaint letter is a type of complaint letter wherein the landlord and the tenant are the usual parties involved. Any issues and problems that may arise while you were renting an apartment, the property owner or landlord is responsible for the property including the maintenance and repairs and also resolving conflicts that might happen… Read More »

Service Complaint Letter

Poor customer service has been a problem ever since. That’s why there are ways to address the complaints through letter to the management of the company. Service complaint letter is a letter made by the complainant to a certain trading company to express his or her dissatisfaction about the service he or she had receive… Read More »

Medical Insurance Complaint Letter

A medical insurance complaint letter is a letter which is written by a person to make a complaint against a medical insurance.  The letter is used to state the exact reason for complaint and the action which the writer demands to be taken against the mistake maker. A sample is provided below for reference. Sample Medical… Read More »

Customer Service Complaint Letter

A letter which is written by a customer or client to complaint against customer service of a company is known as a customer service complaint letter.  Such a letter must consist of the exact complaint and the kind of action the customer wants to be taken against the fault maker. A sample of such a… Read More »

Bank Complaint Letter

A Bank Complaint Letter is a letter written by a bank’s customer to the bank’s concerned official regarding a complaint or issue with the bank’s working or services. The customer expresses his/her dissatisfaction in the letter, provides the reason and relevant information, and requests the bank to take required action in regard to the particular… Read More »

Job Interview Complaint Letter

A job interview complaint letter is a letter which a person writes in order to make a complaint regarding a job interview or interview process.  The letter is generally sent to the higher authorities of a workplace to complaint about either a person or an entity.  A sample of a job interview complaint letter is… Read More »

Job Promotion Complaint Letter

A job promotion complaint letter is a type of a letter which is written by a person to complaint against a certain job promotion which has been wrongfully granted to another employee.  The letter must be framed professionally and should address the issue clearly.  Given below is a sample of the same. Sample Job Promotion… Read More »

Insurance Complaint Letter

An insurance complaint letter is a type of a letter which is written by a person to make complaint against either an insurance company or the services that it offers. The letter can also be used to address other insurance related matters and make a formal complaint against them. A sample is provided below for… Read More »