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Authorization Permission Letter

Authorization permission letter is a letter handover to someone else to act on your behalf, when you presence is unavailable to attend to special occasion or event. This letter shows why the sender cannot attend the said event and the necessary information to let someone else valid when acting as a representative of the first… Read More »

Real Estate Agent Authorization Letter

Real Estate Agent authorization Letter is a letter written both by the agent to the seller or vice versa. This letter introduces an agent or company to an individual or organization and then gives them details of going rates of various locations. If however the seller writes the letter, then s/he needs to inform the… Read More »

Loan Modification Authorization Letter

Loan modification authorization letter is a letter sent to a bank or a loan company by allowing the third party a mortgage broker, attorney or housing councilor to make an arrangement to mortgage and loans. It is for the sole purpose of allowing the third party to find the solution for the mortgage and loans… Read More »

Agent Authorization Letter

Agent authorization letter is usually prescribed to an authority to let their agent or employee to be the main signer or contact person in an agreement or treaty. It discloses all of the important details of the agreement to the signer and be liable for any result of the said agreement. Here is a sample:… Read More »

Service Tax Authorization Letter

Service tax authorization letter is a letter sent to the tax collecting department of a country in which the taxpayer cannot personally appear for tax payment specifically in service tax. It is short and precise in telling the tax officer about permitting other party in tax payment. It is not only the letter that is… Read More »

Business Travel Authorization Letter

Business Travel authorization letters are to be written by persons who are giving right to some other significant person to accompany them in travel, carry their baggage etc. The travel authorization letter has to be given directly to proper authority of an airline, cruise ship etc.It should be notarized for legality with the details of… Read More »

Service Authorization Letter

A service authorization letter is a letter which is written by a person to authorize a third person or party to provide services on his/her behalf to a client or customer. The letter is addressed to the client or customer to inform him/her about the service authorization. A sample is given below. Sample Service Authorization… Read More »

Child Care Authorization Letter

A childcare authorization letter is a type of a letter which is used by a person or a parent of a child to authorize another adult to take care of the child for a given period of time. The letter is written to a certain entity or government body to inform them of the authorization.… Read More »

Authorization Letter for School

An authorization letter for school is a letter which is written by a person and is addressed to a school or school authorities to inform them about the fact that the sender has given authorization to a third person to act on his/her behalf. The authorization can be for a varied number of reasons. A… Read More »

Authorization Representative Letter

An authorization representative letter is a type of a letter which is written by a person to appoint a formal representative to act on his/her behalf for a certain period of time and for a particular event or cause. The letter authorizes another person and is sent across to a concerned party. A sample is… Read More »