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Credit Approval Letter

Credit approval letter is a letter made and issued by bank companies to inform the applicant regarding the status of their credit card application. Once approved, the letter will be delivered to the billing address of the applicant. The credit approval letter also tells the applicant about the credit limit, charges, upgrades and billing procedure.… Read More »

Loan Approval Letter

The loan approval letter serves as a confirmation as well as evidence based that the person known as the borrower who applied for a loan has received the letter from the loan company and the requirements for the said application must be completed within the given time frame. The loan approval letter contains an important… Read More »

Mortgage Loan Approval Letter

Mortgage loan approval letter is a confirming letter that states of your approval to loan including important details such as the amount of loan that was approved and the terms of payment. The approval letter when in terms of loan serves as a document of evidence wherein the consumer received the approval to make mortgage… Read More »

Mortgage Approval Letter

Mortgage approval letter is a type of approval letter for a home loan wherein the lender shoulders the finances to purchase the house in exchange for a lien against the property or ownership in conditional terms agreed by both parties. The approval for mortgage will be based upon the credit history, income and assets. Sample Mortgage… Read More »

Short Sale Approval Letter

Short sale approval letter is a document on hand for both buyer and seller. This is made when a seller, a legal agent or a lender already completed the forms together with a buyer submitting a contract for sale and purchase both agreed upon.  It is issued to discuss the terms and conditions and requirements… Read More »

Construction Approval Letter

A construction approval letter is a kind of a letter which is written by a person approving and accepting the details of construction work, as proposed by a construction contractor or company.  The letter has a formal tone and must give a formal acceptance. Sample letter for reference is given below. Sample Construction Approval Letter:… Read More »