Employment Rejection Letter

Have you been rejected for job application? Some people will treat that as a negative remark but to others it will be a challenge for them to keep on searching... Read More

Letter of Appreciation to Boyfriend

Letter of appreciation to boyfriend is a letter written by a girlfriend to his boyfriend expressing how thankful she is to have him every single day. It is similar when... Read More

Appreciation Letter to Air Force

Letter of appreciation to Air Force is a letter made to address the hardship of Air Force team in supporting and helping the needing people whatever status you have in... Read More

Scholarship Appreciation Letter

Scholarship is a way of helping students who cannot afford to study in an educational institution due to financial problem but very dedicated to study hard. Scholarship appreciation letter is... Read More

Appreciation Letter for Employees

Appreciation letter for employees is a letter made by the company under the higher authority who appreciates the job well done by his or her employees. It is very useful... Read More

Thank You Letter For Employment

Thank you letter for employment is a letter made with an appreciation of the newly hired employee to his or her present company. This letter addressing that he or she... Read More

Long Service Appreciation Letter

When an employee of a company performs his or her services for a long time, the employer appreciates the employee’s services, dedication and commitment towards the work. This can be... Read More

Manager Appreciation Letter

Manager appreciation letter is a formal letter that is written by the senior members or the board of directors of the company to the manager, to appreciate his works, services... Read More

Graduation Appreciation Letter

Graduation appreciation letter is a letter that is written to a graduated or a graduating student to appreciate his or her hard work. This letter may be written by a... Read More

Business Appreciation Letter to Vendor

Business appreciation letter to vendor is a formal appreciation letter that is sent by a member of a business company, to appreciate their vendors or the suppliers for their services.... Read More

Business Appreciation Letter to Client

When a letter of appreciation has to be sent to a client linked through a business company, firm etc, this can be done by sending a formal letter that is... Read More

School Nurse Appreciation Letter

When a letter of appreciation is sent to a school nurse it is called as a school nurse appreciation letter. This letter is most commonly sent by the parents of... Read More

Hotel Staff Appreciation Letter

A letter of appreciation that is addressed to the hotel staff is called as a hotel staff appreciation letter. This letter mentions and acknowledges the work and services provided by... Read More