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Internship Appointment Letter

To Cyril Thomas St. Stepens Management College, 65 Aster Garden, Canada. 22nd April 2014 Subject: Selection as an Intern to the Epoch Healthcare PTE. Dear Cyril, We are pleased to announce that you have cracked the written round as well as the personal interview with Epoch Healthcare PTE and we are now glad to offer… Read More »

Appointment Extension Letter

To, Nicholas Brown, Finance executive Kenneth & Kole, 18/2 Huffington Post Street, Berkeley, California. 22nd April 2014 Subject: extension of your contract with Kenneth & Cole Dear Nicholas, Greetings for the day! I am writing to you to mention that it is time for you to take pride in the hard work and dedication you’ve… Read More »

Trainee Appointment Letter

To, Mr. Gordon Anthonio, #78, Cardiff, South  Glamorgan, London, CF3. Date :- 25th July 2013 Sub: – Appointment as a trainee in our company Dear Gordon, We are glad to inform you that you have been selected for the position of a management trainee in our company with the Marketing Department for a period of… Read More »

Vendor Appointment Letter

To, The Proprietor, The Innovative Marketing and Supplying Group Ltd, #4, Bathgate, West Lothian, London, EH46. Date :- 1st April 2014 Sub :- Appointment as a vendor Dear Sir, We are writing this letter with reference to your vendor application letter dated 15th March 2014 vide letter no : VEN/2244/14. We are glad to inform… Read More »

Director Appointment Letter

To, Mr. Mathew R Duzynski, #45, Blackpool, Lancashire, London, FY23 Date :- 1st June 2013 Sub :- Appointment as a director of our company Dear Sir, We are glad to inform you that you are being appointed as a director of our company with effect from the 10th of June 2013. The appointment will be… Read More »

Business Appointment Letter

To, The Director, Newark Associates Ltd, #4, Newark, Nottinghamshire, London, NG 24 Date :- 24th March 2014 Sub : Business meeting appointment letter Dear Sir, Hope you are doing fine since we met last week. I am very thankful for your visit to our company for initiation a business partnership with our company. In continuation… Read More »

Fellowship Appointment Letter

To, Ms. Venessa Anthony #5, Neath, West Glamorgan, London, SA10 15th August 2013 Sub :- Fellowship appointment letter Dear Venessa, We are hereby writing this letter to communicate to you regarding the graduate fellowship program which is available at our Glamorgan University. We are glad to inform you that you are being offered the graduate… Read More »

Appointment Letter for Business Meeting

To Mr. Adam Lee Poacher, Business Head, Quality Solutions Inc, #4, Colchester, Essex, London, CO31 Date : 29th November 2013 Subject : Schedule of appointment for holding business meeting Dear Mr. Adam, I am Gwaneth Lee the business manager of Isotope Associates writing with reference to our scheduled business meeting which your company has requested… Read More »

Appointment Letter for Sales Officer

To Mr. John J Anthony, #56, Milford Haven, Dyfed, London, SA73. Date : 15th March 2013 Subject: Appointment Letter for the Sales Officer Position Dear Mr. John, We are writing this letter to confirm your appointment as a sales officer for our organization M/s Creative Advertising Solutions Ltd. You are required to take over the… Read More »

Appointment Cancellation Letter

To Mr. Stephen I Bolton, #23, Alder Shot, Hampshire, London, GU12. Date : 25th December 2013 Subject : Cancellation of appointment letter issued for the position of sales manager Dear Mr. Stephen, We are sending this letter in order to cancel the appointment letter sent to you vide letter number HR/121 dated 1st December 2013.… Read More »