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Apology Letter for a Missed Appointment

When an appointment that was made by two parties is missed out on by either of the party for a reason, the person that did not show up writes a letter apologizing for missing out on the appointment while also explaining the reason for not being there. Such a letter is called an appointment letter.… Read More »

Letter of Appointment as an Agent

A letter of appointment is a letter that is written in confirmation of an appointment. When an agent has been hired by a company or a person the employment is usually confirmed with an agent appointment letter. Such a letter is important for the official confirmation of an appointment.  Sample Letter for Free Download William… Read More »

Medical Appointment Letter

A medical appointment letter is written for requesting an appointment with your doctor who is quite busy. You can fix an appointment by discussing with the receptionist at the hospital. But sometimes you will have to discuss with the doctor and then fix your appointment. There are many other templates available for medical appointment letter… Read More »

Letter of Appointment to Committee

When an employee has been appointed into a committee, a letter is written to him to confirm the appointment to him. The letter also describes all the duties and responsibilities that are to be taken up once they become a part of the committee in question. Sample Letter for Free Download Arthur Thompson 200 E… Read More »

Thank You Letter for an Appointment

When an appointment has been granted to a person for a reason that he’s requested it for, a thank you letter is usually written to the person who’s granted the appointment. Writing a thank you letter while is an act of showing grace, it is also a way to confirm the consent of the appointment.… Read More »

Letter of Appointment to Contractor

A letter of appointment is an official confirmation letter that is sent to the employees by a company before they begin working with the company in the assigned position. A contractor who wishes to work with the company on a project usually also receives a letter of appointment letter before he begins working on the… Read More »

Letter of Appointment for Employment

Letter of appointment for Employment is written in order to convey to a candidate that he/she is eligible for a position in an organization. The talents and skill set are recognized and acknowledged through this letter of communication. Sample of Letter of Appointment for Employment To, Mr. George Stevens 7334 Reyburne Drive New York, New… Read More »

Appointment Thank you letter

Thank you letter is often written to express gratitude for giving an appointment or meeting in person. This letter serves to keep the communication open and further will enhance the bonding of the relationship. In case of a candidate, it will add a positive impact in the mind of an interviewer. A well written Thank… Read More »

Job offer Appointment Letter

To, Richard Joseph, 15th Humming bird Street, Annapolis. Date: 22nd April 2014 Subject: Job offer for the role of Associate Sales Executive in Velcro Inc. Dear Richard, Hope you are doing well! We are pleased to announce that you have cleared the various rounds of interview with Velcro Inc. for the role Associate Sales Executive.… Read More »

Job Interview Appointment Letter

To, Jasmine Kole, 15th Aster Avenue, Denmark. Date: 22nd April 2014 Subject: Interview call from Stanford Reliable Security Services for the role of associate marketing manager. Dear Jasmine, Greetings for the day! We are glad to let you know that your resume has been shortlisted by the human resource team of Stanford Reliable Security Services… Read More »