Scholarship Application Request Letter

Scholarship application request letter is a message indicating the need of as student to finish his/her study by enrolling to universities and schools who have scholarship program for students who... Read More

Graduate Trainee Application Letter

Graduate trainee application letter is a letter sent to an employer together with curriculum vitae to apply for a vacancy, this is your opportunity to introduce yourself and explain your... Read More

Rental Application Approval Letter

Rental application approval letter is a response letter to future tenants of an apartment who applied to a rental house. It indicates the rules and regulations of the said apartment,... Read More

Withdraw Application Letter

Withdraw application letter is a letter written for cancellation of request usually to a corporation by a person or a student to a school. It tells the reasons for the... Read More

Rental Application Reference Letter

Rental Application reference letter is a referral letters by a tenant to his/her landlord for a tenant usually a friend or a family member seeking for a renting house to... Read More

Human Resource Internship Application Letter

Human Resource Internship application letter is a short letter typically sent to employers to accompany the curriculum vitae when applying as an intern in the human workforce management. It provides... Read More

Graduate School Application Letter

Graduate School application letter is a letter sent by post graduate student who want to pursue additional Masteral and Doctoral degree in their degree. It lists the academic achievements with... Read More

Formal Application Letter

Formal application letter can be any type of application letter that is drafted formally to apply for a particular post, to apply for an admission, procedure or any for any... Read More

Customer Service Application Letter

Customer service application is a job application letter that is written by a person when he or she wishes to apply for a post related to the customer service department... Read More

ESL Teacher Application Letter

ESL teacher application letter is a job application letter that is written to apply for the post of an ESL teacher. This post highlights the skills, English proficiencies and teaching... Read More

HR Manager Application Letter

HR manager application letter is a formal letter that is written when a person wishes to apply for the job post of a HR manager. This letter is expressive of... Read More

Award Application Letter

Award application letter can be written by the students to apply for the scholarship awards at schools, colleges etc or can be written by the members or the employees of... Read More

Franchise Application Letter

Franchise Application letter is a formal letter that is written by a person to the CEO, Manager or the Head of the company, store, food joint etc, to apply for... Read More