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Announcement Letter for a New Manager

Announcement letter for a new manager is a memo for an institution or a corporation declaring for a new hire manager. It indicates the full name of the manager, his/her achievements and career for the past years. It is deliberately delivered to employees from the board members, here is a sample: To: Maryland Construction Company… Read More »

Winner Announcement Letter

A Winner announcement letter is send to a person who won something out of a contest or a raffle game; it indicates the company or corporation who will give the prize and the needed requirements to claim it. It must be direct and simple so it can be easily understood, like the prizes won and… Read More »

Real Estate Announcement Letter

Real estate announcement letter is a letter stating the sale of properties especially homes and lands to people interested in buying new homes and properties. It shows the location, size of property, mode of payment and the contact person for the said sales.  It is usually with maps and directions for easy viewing of the… Read More »

Student Scholarship Announcement Letter

Student scholarship announcement letter is a note asking students to enroll at their institution or university for the scholarship they will grant for students who are qualified for the said program. It shows the list of requirements needed, the benefits the student will get upon approval of the scholarship and the condition that a student… Read More »

Realtor Announcement Letter

Realtor announcement letter is a letter used for selling/buying houses and lands by a real estate broker or realtor either to a client or to a landowner. It is candid and straight to the point by stating the intentions and operation of the realtor. It is like suiting the client in the letter so an… Read More »

Wedding Announcement Letter

A wedding announcement  letter is an invitation to a person to witness the holy matrimony of a couple; the person invited can be one of the special guests in the church wedding or in the event hall. It is usually written in an artistic way and bedazzled with designs to make it more glamorous like… Read More »

Announcement of Bonus Letter

When an organization decides to give a bonus to all of its workers due to the profitable running of their business or for some other reason, they usually write a letter about the said bonus and send it to all the employees. The letter consists of all the details of the bonus that will be… Read More »

Writing Announcement Letter

Writing announcement letter is a letter intended to announce to someone or to a group of people about an event or a message you want to broadcast to public. It must be direct and straight to the point, announcement letters can be in different forms with different contents, that’s why you must know what result… Read More »

Real Estate Agent Announcement Letter

When a new real estate agent sets up his real estate firm in an area, he writes a letter announcing the opening of his firm to the major real estate buyers and dealers of the area. Such kind of a letter is a good and a formal way to announce the establishment of a firm… Read More »

Engagement Announcement Letter

When a couple gets engaged and they want to let their friends and family know about the engagement, they send a non-formal letter to them all. The details of the engagement and the wedding to be held are usually included in the letter. Such a letter is sent before the actual wedding invitations are given… Read More »