A letter of intent written to cancel timeshare purchase is a formal way of asking the company to cancel your time share contract. In the letter the writer may mention the reason behind cancelling the timeshare contract along with giving relevant details needed to process the request. This letter is written within the rescission date of the purchase of the timeshare to ensure a full refund.

Sample of letter of cancel timeshare


MrDaves Smith

Managing Director

Malaya Resort Pvt Ltd

79b, Dow Jones Avenue

New York

Dated: 1st February,2015

Subject: Letter of intent to cancel timeshare purchase

Respected Sir,

This is to request you to process my timeshare contract cancellation process taken in your resort. I’m an architect by profession in New York and had purchased a timeshare from your company’s salesman, Mr Richard Martin. The date of purchase of the timeshare was 28th January 2015. As per the cancellation terms mentioned in your timeshare contract, I can cancel my purchase within a period of 1 week. I am adhering to the rules and cancelling my contract.

The contract number of the purchased timeshare is 526489. I am attaching the photocopy of the contract letter duly signed by you with this letter. According to the Consumer Protection Rights of our State, I must receive a refund amount of $40,000 that was paid during the purchase of the timeshare. As per the rules, I must receive a formal letter of acceptance of the cancellation, along with the receipt of the refunded amount within a period of 15 days.

Yours sincerely,

Rogers Bay

Head Architect

Dew & Lily Architects Pvt. Ltd.

New York