A letter of intent written to cancel an insurance policy is composed by the individual who is currently availing insurance services of the company that he is addressing to. The letter informs in detail why the individual is opting for such an action and also explains what he wishes in return from the company alongwith the date of termination of services.

Sample of letter for insurance cancellation


Mr David Peterson,

Managing Director

ABN Insurance Corporation

29a, Meredith Street,

New Orleans – 35118

United States

Dated: 31stJanuary 2015

Subject: Letter of intent to cancel insurance policy

Respected sir,

This is to cancel the insurance policy I had taken from your firm, ABN Insurance Corporation. The policy was undertaken by me on 1st march 2012. Due to some financial issues I would like to terminate it before its maturity date. I would also like you to cancel all my debits and premium charges charged monthly to me. The termination date of my policy should be 1st March 2015.

I would also like a formal confirmation of the policy cancellation. It would be better if the cancellation is given in the form of a letter duly signed by the director of ABN Insurance Corporation. Along with the above, kindly return of any of the premiums paid by me that I am entitled to receive. The letter forwarded by you must also possess a cash value of the policy. I would request you to provide me all these documents within a period of 30 days from the date of receipt of my cancellation letter.


Joseph Fernandes

Senior consultant,

ABC Technologies Pvt Ltd

New Orleans