The letter of intent for cancellation is written with an intention to cancel an order or service. The writer has to clearly state the reason for cancellation and be specific in other details also.

Example of letter for cancellation


Mr. Jack Brown

The Service Manager

Aqua Blue Water Supply Pvt. Ltd

233 Jildon Street,

Chicago – 61189

Dated: 2nd February, 2015

Subject: An Example of letter of intent for Cancellation

Dear Mr. Brown,

This is in reference to my intent for cancelling the water supply service. My client code is 914456 and the subscription was in the name of my father Charlie Martin. We regret to inform you that the quality of the service has gone down considerably. We have been using your service since 15 years and there had never been complaints before. However, the scenario has changed since last two years.

The supply has become irregular and as you know that we cannot lead a normal domestic life without proper water supply.  In addition, the water supplied is very unhygienic that can be a source of many water borne diseases. I thereby request you to cancel the subscription with immediate effect and to stop any further billing from my bank account. I have even informed my bank regarding this in order to avoid any confusion.

I expect an earliest action from your end and a written confirmation letter regarding the cancellation of service.

Yours’ Truly,

Larry Martin

Gliff Street,