The cancellation of any insurance policy needs to be handled carefully with full-proof documents. A letter of intent is one such authentic document written by the policy holder to the insurance company. In case, of the cancellation of car insurance the letter will clearly state the reason of cancellation along with the policy number. The policy holder will also request a refund if applicable.

Sample of Car Insurance Cancellation Letter


Mr. Marshel J,

The Director,

Lexas Auto Insurance Pvt. Ltd,

29 Montgomary Street,

San Francisco,

California – 99145

Dated: 2nd February, 2015

Subject: Letter of intent for Car insurance cancellation letter

Dear Mr. Marshel,

I take this letter of intent to cancel the car insurance policy with your company, Lexas Auto Insurance Pvt. Ltd. My policy number is 442614. The rules of the company clearly state that the reason for cancellation should be clearly mentioned in writing to the company. In that case, I am adhering to the rules of the company.

The reason for cancellation is the sudden financial crisis, as I am in need of money to get my father operated. I write this letter to request you to kindly refund my unused premium and stop any further premium charges. I request the entire cash value of the policy along with the unused premium to be returned to me within 10 days. I am also attaching the photocopy of all supporting documents and payment receipts with this letter.

I am looking forward to hear from you soon with a written confirmation of policy cancellation.

Yours’ Truly,

Roberts D,


Aviva Corporation Pvt. Ltd