A letter of intent for agreement cancellation is written to the owner of a company by the customer utilizing the service of that company. The customer ID is mentioned in the agreement and necessary documents are also attached. Details of outstanding dues are also mentioned there if applicable to either of the two parties.

Sample of Letter of  Cancellation of Agreement


Mr. John Martin,

The Manager,

Home Cleaner Corporation Pvt. Ltd,

4485 Reid Street,

Los Angeles – 100014

Dated: 2nd February, 2015

Subject: Letter of Intent for Cancellation of Agreement

Dear Mr. Martin,

I write with an intent to cancel the agreement that I had with your company Home Cleaner Corporation Pvt. Ltd. It is regarding the lawn cleaning service that we utilize twice in a month. My Customer ID is RM0052. It was an annual subscription and the billing date is on 15th of February every year.

The purpose of the withdrawal of service is to cut down some of our domestic expenses. I am expecting a security refund of Rs. 4500 as per the norms mentioned in the contract. From my end there are no outstanding dues. I have also adhered to all the rules mentioned in the contract so there is no scope of any sort of dispute.

I am waiting for a timely response with the refund of money which I should get within 30 days prior to the cancellation of contract.

Yours’ Sincerely,

Gillian R

Senior Accountant,

LLS Software Pvt. Ltd

Los Angeles