Harry Derek

House Number 9293, Main Park Street

Florida Apartments



15th October 2013

Subject:  Sample Collection Letter

Respected Mr. Derek,

I am writing this letter on behalf of Earth’s Electricity Providers Private Limited (EEPPL). This is a collection letter that is being sent to all our customers to remind them of their bill payments. We truly respect the relationship that we have built with you for these years and you have been a valuable customer. You have always been a conscientious customer of EEPPL, paying your monthly bills within 30 days of the payment period; this is a gentle reminder to you to kindly pay your bill, latest by 20th October 2013.

Dear customer, we have not received a payment of $3494 against your invoice #2543534 at our head office. As we are in the process of updating our collection registers, we found that you have missed to mail us your payment. Your due date is nearing and therefore we request you to make the payments at your earliest convenience.

If you have already mailed us your cheque, please ignore this notice. For any kind of complains, queries, information or details, please feel free to contact us on 3954994 or 5959593.

Thanking you.


John Paul

Collection Manager