There are many different reasons for which companies are sending business thank you letters. They could be thanking a new customer or an old customer for choosing their goods or services. In the same time they could also be thanking another company for their services offered on a given occasion. Having a meeting or an interview with another person can also become a reason for sending a thank you letter.

Sample Business Thank You Letter:

Name of sender

Position of the sender

Company name of sender


Name of receiver

Company name of the receiver



Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you for choosing (company name of the sender) for installing your pool in your backyard for creating your own personal oasis. It has been brought to my attention that you are worried about the permits needed in your region, but you can be sure that our staff is well-prepared for this point of view and they will take care of all the necessary permits. All the paperwork will be filled by our staff and we will send the permits to you as soon as they are issued, so that there will be no need for you to sacrifice your precious time for applying for permits.

Once you receive the permits, you will be able to use the new pool within three weeks. We are working with the best installers. They will offer you all the information that you need regarding the technical aspects of the pool. For further information contact me at the phone number (phone number). I will contact you on Monday regarding the date of the installation.


Name of sender