A business thank you letter to vendor is a kind of a letter which is written by a business organization to thank a vendor or seller. The letter must state the reason for thanking the vendor and must sound professional and formal. A sample of a business thank you letter to vendor is given below for your reference.

Sample Business Thank You Letter to Vendor


William Brooks

Chairman, Purple Panda Plastics

B-67, Gregory hill road, Jonathan Avenue,

Parkin’s Street, London, UK

Date: 18th April 2014

Subject: business thank you letter to vendor

Dear Mr. Brooks,

I, Jacky Jobs am writing this letter to you on behalf of Nathan Plastic Bottles in order to thank you for your timely delivery of raw material and exceptional services. We are extremely happy with our association with your company and would love to extend the period of contract.

As a plastic manufacturing company, our results and work procedures totally depend upon the availability of raw materials and for this, requirement of a reliable vendor is crucial. You have proved to be an extremely trustworthy and efficient plastic provider to us and we are very grateful for your efforts and work ethics. It has been an honor to be associated with you and it would be great if we could extend this partnership for another 3 years.

We would also like to inform you that we are considering opening of another factory and might need to formulate a new contract with revised requirements.

Thanking you again,

Jacky Jobs