A business proposal letter to client is a kind of a letter which is written by a business executive or professional in order to suggest or propose a business idea to a client. The letter must be drafted formally and must cover all the basic details of the business proposal.

Sample Business Proposal Letter to Client:


Raymond Tusk

Tusk Business Corporation

D-56, tenth floor, Model tower,

Parker Street, London, UK

Date: 5th June 2014

Subject: business proposal letter

Dear Mr. Tusk

I, Fred Anthony, the senior business manager at Henderson Advertising am writing this letter to you to present a business proposal, which is mutually beneficial for us and will enable you to advertise your products in the best possible way. Kindly have a look at the enclosed plan, a gist of which is provided below.

Sir, we aim to use the medium of social media ads, Google ads, hoardings, billboards and newspaper advertisements to showcase your products and reach out to the maximum customers and target audience. We will be working on this project in 3 phases of 3 months each and will observe the growth and impact of the plan at the end of 9 months. Rather than charging you on per service or ad basis, we shall be collecting a one time lump sum amount, which is open to discussion.

If you agree, we shall employ a full time team of advertising professionals for your duty. If you agree to this proposal, kindly respond back to us as per your convenience.

Thanking you

Fred Anthony