A business plan cover letter is a letter which is written as a cover or briefing of a business plan which is being presented by a person or party to another person or business. Such a cover letter must explain concisely the main aim and brief details of the business plan.

Sample Business Plan Cover Letter:


David Benniof

Vice Chairman

Wallow group of Companies

A-45, first floor, Dalton tower,

Janet Street, Liverpool

United Kingdom

Date: 8th June 2014

Subject: business plan cover letter

Respected Sir,

I, Jacob Brown, the senior business manager of this company am writing this letter to you to present a business plan with the hope that you will like it and approve it so that working on it can begin.

Enclosed herein is a detailed business plan document with other supporting paperwork. The plan will point out to all the major details of the business project that I am proposing. With this plan, we can achieve a 3% hike in our market value and 6% hike in profits in the next fiscal quarter. The plan is aimed to improve both marketing as well as sales of the company and is expected to show results within 3 months. I request you to go through the enclosed business plan and the strategy behind our next step in the business market.

If you need any changes or improvements, please let me know so that I can present the improved plan as soon as possible.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,

Jacob Brown