Belinda Lawman,

Marketing Head,

Uniwin Technologies,

14/67 Marigold Lane


Date: 25- April 2014

Subject: Thank you for your precious time for the fruitful meeting on 24th of April

Hi Belinda,

Greetings for the day!

First of all I would like to tell you that it was great knowing you in person and I would like to extend a thank you note to you as your presence made this meeting fruitful.

After, our meeting on 24th of April, I was certainly impressed and felt that our conversation can certainly benefit our businesses and qualify for going to the next level. Your proposal of outsourcing Gracia Naturals Inc. marketing department to Uniwin Technologies initially sounded like a bubble but as you explained your proposal and the economics behind it, I was certainly taken over. I would like to thank you for the intellectual conversation we had in our last meeting and also for the presentation and statistical report you have provided in its support.

I am now planning to discuss your analysis with our board of directors and if the majority of them are positive about it then I might call you over for a second round of convincing. I hope that would not be much of a trouble. I wish to take this proposal ahead but before that there would be several rounds of meeting that would take place in the management to take this major step.

Hope to have you as our business partner in the times ahead.

Thanks and Regards,

Cindy Lyall

Country Head (Operations)

Gracia Naturals Inc.