Rose Esther,

Operations Head

Arty Paper Works Inc.

18 Woody Street,


Date: 25th April 2014

Subject: Proposal to ally with Xpression Greetings Inc. as a business ally.

Dear Rose,

Warm Greetings!

Hope this letter finds you in the best of health and spirits. I wanted to bring to your attention that I have got the reference of your business from Blaze Crystalware Inc. as a supplier of paper based packing materials.

I was highly impressed with what I heard in your favour and now I would like to take this ahead as alliance between Arty Paper Works Inc. and Xpressions Greetings Inc. Basically we are the manufacturers of greeting cards which are available in almost all shapes and sizes in most of the gift stores of Annapolis. At the moment we are planning to outsource the work of envelope making to an ally. The demand of our greetings has gradually gone up and we want to completely focus on supplying more and more greetings to the industry. We see you as one of our alliances in the future if we get suitable quotations from your for various size of envelopes and the terms of trade are reasonable and mutually decided.

If you wish to take this ahead then send us two – three meeting slots from your calendar for the coming week and we can finalize a mutually convenient one. Hope to work with you as an ally in future.

Thanks and regards,

Pammy Grace

Operations Head

Xpressions Greetings Inc.