A business goodbye letter is a type of a letter which is written by a business company so as to bid goodbye or farewell to another business company. The letter must state the reason for wishing goodbye and must be drafted using a formal tone and format. A sample of a business goodbye letter is provided below.

Sample Business Goodbye Letter:


Anthony Black

Owner, Black Retail Stores

W-45, Manchester road, Bill Avenue

Hudson, London, United Kingdom

Date: 30th April 2014

Subject: business goodbye letter

Respected Mr. Black

I, Cecilia Ahern am writing this letter to you to inform you that Ahern Food Product Company is closing down and would no longer be able to do business with you. You can consider this as a goodbye letter since we shall no longer be associated formally.

In our 5 years of association, I have had a wonderful professional relationship with you and your staff. It was a good experience to sell my company’s product at your popular retail chain and I must say that it proved fruitful as well.  Ahern food Product Company has had a good run ever since it was established but due to certain financial concerns, we would have to shut it down to pay the dues. I have settled all the previous accounts and would request you to do so as well. I am enclosing a copy of the payments that are due from your side.

Bidding you good bye and wish you good luck for the future,

Thanking you

Cecilia Ahern