Pam Zimmerman,

Director & CEO,

EMW Foundation,

15- Rosewood Lane,


Date: 25th April 2014

Subject: Congratulations on your new business endeavour

Dear Pam,

Warm Greetings!

Hope this letter finds you in the best of your spirits and health. First of all I would like to mention that the launch party of your venture EMW foundation was a great success and set of people who have been a part of this event were really honour to interact with.

You have given your venture a right start and I wish the path it takes from here is even better. The concept of EMW foundation is great and completely new in our region. The motive of your business, that is to serve people who are under privileged at a very nominal cost is going to work wonders and will not only get you a lot of success but also countless good wishes. It feels great to be associated with people like you who actually care for the society they are living in and have the zeal to contribute in improving the existing scenario as well.

Stereon Enterprises will always be by your side as a supporter and will act as sponsor of and on. You just need to call us out whenever you need our support in any form and we will be by your side. Our company and all its employees wish you great success in your venture.

Hoping to see changes in the society we live very soon.


Kelly Grey


Stereon Enterprises.