Maria Garrett,

Head of Sales & Marketing,

Xerion Technologies,

208-Signature Tower,

Stuart Lane,


Date: 25th April 2014

Subject: Café Royale is winding up from Signature Tower.

Dear Maria,

Hope you are doing great.

This is to share a news which is not very exciting and which compels us to say a goodbye to our customers who have been enjoying the services of our café in signature tower. The day is approaching when we would shift our store from signature tower to Castle Enclave in Stuart Lane and our store here will shut down.

Our last functioning day at signature tower will be 30th of April 2014 and on this day you and your entire staff are welcome to visit our store and take free goodies from us. Departing from origins is never a cheerful occasion but we will try to make it a little less painful by sharing a dessert or delicacy with you. Although it will be the end of our café here but not the healthy relationship we share with you all. We will be located in just the next lane and will be happy to serve you in the cafe as well as in your bay when you place an order.

So, please gather in our café on 30th of April to enjoy your free goodies and also to take the free passes for the inaugural offer of our new unit in Castle Enclave. Hope to see all of you there on our last day from 4 pm onwards.

Thanks and regards,

Brian Matthew,

Store Manager,

Café Royale at Signature Tower.