Writing a business apology letter may be very important for a company to let their customers or partners know that they care about their complaints. In this case it is best to use a formal style and to write in an empathetic voice. This way the receiver will understand that you care about them.  Letter of this kind should contain the following:

Sample Business Apology Letter:

Company name of the sender

Address of the sender

Phone number of the sender

Name of receiver

Address of receiver


Dear (name of the receiver),

Thank you for your letter received on (date).

It has been brought to my attention that you received an invoice from our company on the date of (date), which contained an error regarding the bill amount.

I have brought up the problem with our Accounts department; this is the department that sent the invoice to you. According to the        investigation one of the staff members typed the wrong amount on the bill.

I am deeply sorry for your inconvenience. I have to admit that in this case your company has not reach the high customer service standards that it is aiming to reach.

Because of this error that occurred, the Accounts manager will review the training of the staff to make sure that no such mistake will ever be made in the future.

Thank you, Mr (name of the receiver), for bringing the problem to our attention. I hope that my reply will resolve your concerns. If you need any other information, please contact me at the phone number (phone number of the sender).

Yours sincerely,

Name of the receiver