A business apology letter to client is a type of a letter which is written by a person to apologize to a business client for a mistake made from him/her end. The letter must state reason for apology in a professional manner and should be kept concise. A sample is provided below.

Sample Business Apology Letter To Client:


Mathew Adams

Adams Group of Companies

D/90, second floor, Third King tower,

Putney Bridge, Putney, London

Date: 9th May 2014

Subject: apologizing for delay in services

Dear Mr. Adams

I, Janet Jackson, the Head of the IT Department at Yen IT Solutions am writing this letter to you to apologize for the delay in delivering services and results.  Sir it is our constant endeavor to provide services within deadlines but only on a few rare occasions do we falter.  We hope that you will accept our apology and give us another chance to serve you.

Yen IT Solutions is a business leader in providing IT support services to its clients. We have a dedicated team of workers who work round the clock to ensure that services are timely delivered as per client requirements. There was a delay in providing your repair services due to lack of communication between the managers and the service providers. This is a huge mistake and I do realize that it must have caused you a lot of inconvenience. I can assure you that this won’t happen ever again.

As a gesture of apology, I am willing to offer you one month of free services.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Thanking you

Janet Jackson