Business Accepting Invitation Letter

By | June 6, 2014


Stephen Weber,

Head of Operations,

Italics Web Content Services,

15th Circle, Wellington Street,


Date: 25th April 2014

Subject: Acceptance of business proposal for outsourcing content writing projects.

Dear Stephen,

Hope you are doing well!

We are connecting to you on behalf of In you previous email you mentioned that you have staff strength of 25 content writers employed on a full time basis for content related project and you are seeking to tie up with us to give your employees a better exposure in the field.

We have seen the sample of work provided by you and it seems to have a decent standard. We intend to take this deal ahead and make an ally with you for our content writing projects. We can enter into a contract of 11 months in which we would require a word count of 1875000 monthly. The content we would require from you will be general in nature which would include topics related to health, pets, real estate, home décor etc. We would be needing 15-20 samples of such work done by you on the topics of your own choice. The content we are expecting from you should be plagiarism free and free from all sorts of grammatical errors. You will have to assign an editor in your own team to proofread the content and make sure that it is as per standards expected by us.

I am attaching an estimate on which we plan to work with you on a monthly basis. We can discuss the estimate and terms of business if you think there is a s scope for it.


Henry Kellar

Head of Content Management,