John Williams


House Number 32, Main Park Street

Fortune Apartments, B block



4th May 2014

Subject: Tenant authorization letter

Dear Mr. John,

As the landlord of the rental property, I, James Chadwick, give full authorization to you to process and talk with the cable operators regarding the installation of a dish TV at your place. This is in reference to the authorization request letter that you have sent to me on 25th April 2014. I have read and reviewed your request and I am writing to permit you to install a dish on the property so that you can have an access to the television.

With this tenant authentication letter, I would like to notify you that there are certain terms and conditions on which I have agreed to grant you the authorization. These are:

1)      The installation procedures must be carried out by a reputed and an experienced company so that no damage is caused to the rental property.

2)      My presence at the time of installation must be marked so that I can approve of the drilling works, if any.

3)      The installation of the dish should ensure that there is no hanging over at the sidewalk and should be installed at the south end.

You are requested to inform and update me about the decided time and date of the installation procedures. For any other details, please feel free to contact me on 5949594.

Thanking you for your kind consideration.


James Chadwick