Realtor Authorization Letter

By | June 2, 2014


John Robin


The Bank of Bradford



5th May 2014

Subject: Realtor authorization letter

Respected Mr. John,

I, Williams Harry, am writing this letter to authorize my realtor Mr. Darwin Paul to discuss the mortgage account that I have with your bank. This is in reference to the loan number “A434H54” that I have applied from your bank on 1st April 2014, against my home property located at Park Street, Bradford. With this realtor authorization letter, I would like to give full permissions to my realtor to participate and act on my behalf in the discussions concerning the above mentioned mortgage account.

I would like to take this opportunity to detail you about the contact information of my realtor whom I have authorised. These are as follows:

Realtor’s Name: Mr. Darwin Paul

Residential Address: James Street, House Number 49, Bradford

Real Estate Company Name: Pure Real Estate Agency

Mobile Number: 09438434234

I authorize and grant permission to my realtor to negotiate and discuss the possibility of the short sale procedures and the needed conduct. I request you to kindly contact him on the above mentioned details for any kind of information, meetings, discussions etc that you wish to seek regarding the mortgaged property.

I would appreciate a prompt attention to this authorization letter so that there are no interruptions in the decision procedures and meeting scheduling. For any kind of assistance, do not hesitate to call me on 49394993.

Thanking you for your kind consideration.


Williams Harry