Mr. Haworth Stiller

Executive Director

Citi Mortgage Inc.

45, Thomas Avenue


23 April 2014

Subject: Mortgage authorization letter

Dear Mr. Stiller,

This is to inform you that I, Ronnie Rod, resident of 1, Springvale Valley, Houston, have a mortgage account with your company. I have recently got married and wish to share the mortgage installment amount with my wife.

I hereby, declare that Citi Mortgage Inc. is authorized by me to share and release all the information related to my loan to my wife Amber Rod. I understand that the related information might include release of my loan amount, payment transaction history, documentation related to my borrowed loan and any sort of non-public information in-relation with the loan, which is confidential with the company.

I am aware of the fact that the authorization given by me to the company for sharing the loan particulars with my wife may not be limited to the above mentioned particulars.

I acknowledge the fact the fact that in case, I desire to terminate the authorization, it will be necessary for me to visit the company myself and provide a written termination letter for the same.

I request you to do the needful regarding this matter and also provide me with an acknowledgment for the same.  Additional details are mentioned below:

Date of Request: 23 April 2014

Full Name of the Borrower: Ronnie Rod

Full Name of the authorized third party: Amber Rod

Relationship to Borrower: Wife

Borrower Social Security number: S6754

Property Address: 1, Springvale Valley, Houston

Mortgage account number: WS9876FA900

Borrower Signature:

Authorized third party signature:

Yours sincerely

Ronnie Rod