Medical Treatment Authorization Letter

By | June 2, 2014


Martin Andrew

Policy Manager

Joyful Living Insurance Company



30th April 2014

Subject: Medical Treatment authorization letter

Dear Mr. Martin,

We, George Peterson and Hannah Peterson, parents of Bob Peterson, are presenting the medical treatment authorization letter. Through this letter, we would like to authorize Mr. & Mrs. Joe Peterson, grandparents of Bob to act in our place and look after the medical treatments and procedures of Bob.

Due to our recent job shift, we are shifting to London. During the course of our absence, we give full authority to Bob’s grandparents to act and take necessary actions that may be required for the care, treatment, well being, necessary surgery, wound operations etc, to relieve and cure our aforementioned child. While we will be out of the city, this medical treatment authorization would help our child tackle any kind of emergency situations or the take required curative treatment, with the help of his grandparents.

Please be informed that our medical information is as follows:

Insurance Number: 48449538

Policy Holder Name: Mr. George Peterson

Minor: Bob Peterson

Child Care Doctor: Dr. Peter Noelle

Address: The Wisdom Childcare Clinic, Victoria Street, Birmingham, UK

Enclosed with this letter is Bob’s health insurance card that has been sent for your kind reference. We would appreciate an early confirmation from your side. For any details that you may need, please feel free to contact us on 545934995.

Thanking you for your time and consideration.


Mr. George Peterson


Mrs. Hannah Peterson