Medical Authorization Letter

By | October 3, 2013


Alan Berry

Surgical Department Head

Apollo Gleneagles Group of Hospitals

56 Universal High Street

Holly Wood, Los Angeles 4567

Dated: 3rd of June 2012

Subject: Letter for medical authorization

Respected Mr. Berry,

This letter is in regards to my husband John Woo who is suffering from cardiac ailment and has been admitted in your hospital in room no. 304. I authorize Apollo Gleneagles Group of Hospitals to conduct surgery on my husband for his heart disease.

My husband was admitted in the hospital on 30th of May 2012 by my son. The head surgeon Mr. Tom Hanks recommended that he needs to undergo an operation and so an authorization letter was necessary from any relative of my husband. I had gone out of town due to an official tour so there was delay in giving you the authorization letter.  I also authorize the hospital to undertake any medical procedure that they feel would be necessary for the recovery of my husband.

I request you to conduct the operation as soon as possible. I am also enclosing his hospital admission receipt along with the letter. In case of any medical emergency please contact me on my cell phone number 45678.


Marie Ann Woo