John Mayo

Marketing Manager

All products Distribution LLC

43 Red Greed Road

New York, New Jersey 4567

Dated: 6th of May 2012

Subject: Letter for dealership authorization

Respected Mr. Mayo,

This letter is to authorize your organization to work as dealer of products manufactured by our organization. We believe that your company has the necessary requirements in order to become the dealer of our products.

We had received a letter from your end expressing your interest to get the dealership. We did a background check of your organization and found that you have a good dealership history. Our organization specializes in manufacturing cosmetic products and you will have to sell the products to wholesalers in different parts of the country. Your profit will be ten percent of the maximum retail price. The dealership will be effective from 15th of May 2012 and will be valid for a period of two years. As per the dealership contract you cannot hold the dealership of similar type of product manufactured by the rival company. In case you are found doing so we would have to cancel the dealership authorization and take necessary legal actions.

The dealership agreement is herewith enclosed with the letter that you are kindly requested to sign mail it back to us. Wishing you all the best and hope to have good working relationship with you.


Mike Tyson

Sales Manager

Good Cosmetics Limited