Credit Card Authorization Letter

By | September 30, 2013


Henry Cooper

Credit card Department head

Good Money Financial Services

45 West End Road

New Lark, Miami 3490

Dated: 5th of May 2013

Subject: Letter for credit card authorization

Respected Mr. Cooper,

This letter is in regards to my credit card number 675432 issued by your bank. I would like to bring to your notice that I authorize my wife, Carla Stiller to use my credit card on my behalf.

I hold a platinum credit card with your bank with a credit limit of $5000. I do not use the card very often, but there are few essential items that my wife needs to purchase. I understand that the amount spent by using the credit card will be charged to my account. The particular amount will also be reflected in my credit card statement. I hold responsibility of the amount and agree to pay it by the due date.

I am herewith enclosing a photocopy of a photo id proof of my wife. I request you to please process the authorization as soon as possible. I would be looking forward to a response from your end. Thank you for your cooperation. In case any other information is needed from my side, then you can please contact me on 7798-876.


Ben Stiller