Bank Authorization Letter

By | October 1, 2013


Gary Lawyer

Branch Manager

JP Morgan banking Services

56 Yankee Doodle Lane

Tank City, Florida 3490

Dated: 8th of June 2012

Subject: Letter for bank authorization

Respected Mr. Lawyer,

This is in regards to the savings account number 567890 that I hold with your bank. I would like to authorize Lily Hanks, my wife to withdraw money from my bank account in my absence due to emergency reasons.

I am away on a business tour and have lost all the money I was carrying due a mishap. I have also lost my card and this place being a small town, there are no branches of your bank here. I am in need of money urgently and the only option is to authorize my wife to have access to my account. She has all the necessary documents that you would require. I request you to allow her to withdraw money from my account. She would also be carrying the previous months’ bank statements with my signature on them. I also authorize het to have access to my bank details and statements.

I request you to consider my authorization and do the needful. I would be thankful for your cooperation.


James Mac Hanks