Authorization Request Letter

By | June 2, 2014


Mr. Cody Black

Cody Law Office

34, Westside Avenue,


13th April 2014

Subject: Authorization request letter

Dear Mr. Black,

I, Susan Taylor, resident of 54, Beverley Hills, Chicago, have been fighting a case (#ZA674532) with the state government regarding my house (mentioned above) from 12th January 2014 onwards. The state government claims that my house is built on an illegal land. However, I have got the entire legal documentation regarding the same.

The date for my next court hearing is yet to be issued and I need to discuss and work upon a lot of things with you. However, I got a phone call about the sudden illness of my mother in Melbourne, Australia, yesterday. She is suffering from cervical disease and need to be operated.

As she lives alone, I ought to be with her and take care of her for at-least two months, till she recovers, as estimated by her doctor. However, in my absence, I wish to continue the work on its regular pace, under the knowledge of my husband.

I hereby authorize my husband Mr. Daniel Taylor to attend all the meetings related to the case, to be held in the period of my absence, on my behalf. I authorize him to sign all the pre-discussed and yet-to-be discuss legal matters, related to this case.

I trust him and believe that any decision taken by him in this regard will be in the betterment of me and my house. I understand that I need to submit a written letter, in case; I wish to terminate the authorization in future.

I will appreciate both your and Daniel’s co-operation.

Yours sincerely

Susan Taylor