Authorization permission letter is a letter handover to someone else to act on your behalf, when you presence is unavailable to attend to special occasion or event. This letter shows why the sender cannot attend the said event and the necessary information to let someone else valid when acting as a representative of the first party. Here is a sample:


Mr. BultMarn

General Manager, Sears

Chicago, USA


Mr.Tom Lawyer

984 Elm Street, Knoxville

Sacramento, USA

Dated: March 10, 2015

Subject: Authorization claiming the First prize of  Macbook 6 laptop

To Whom It May Concern, I Mr. Tom Lawyer would consent my brother Mr. Huckle Lawyer to claim my prize for your raffle game last month in which I won the first prize item of Macbook 6. I read your letter that it is only valid for a month upon receiving the letter. It is been three weeks and still I can’t claim my prize because of the distance of your place and the hectic schedule of my work. I asked my brother to claim the prize for me because he is the only one in my family that is near at your place.

I have my identification card in this letter and my brother for your assurance. If you still have a doubt, you can call me at my brother’s cellphone so we can talk privately. Thank you for your kind consideration


Mr. Tom Lawyer