Rachel McAdams

Vice President

Martha Corporation Limited

D-90, Darwin street, London, UK

Date: 18th April 2014

Subject: attorney authorization letter

Dear Miss McAdams,

This is in reference to the business partnership that you and our company are involved in. I, Peter Mathews, the Chairman of Marshall Corp.,  am writing to inform you that from now on, we are authorizing Mr. Bill Black as our legal attorney and he shall have complete right to take legal decisions on our behalf as far as this partnership is concerned.  This partnership has several complex legal matters which we may not always be able to comment on and this is the reason why we are giving Mr. Black a right to participate in legal hearings, signing important agreements and taking important decisions.

Mr. Bill Black is a trusted and reliable attorney who we have been in association with over the past decade. His experience and understanding of our business operations have made him a suitable choice for us. In case of legal representations too, Mr. Black will have the right to appear on our behalf. We would further like to add that in case of the absence of any executive of Marshall Corporation, Mr. Black can read and verify legal documents and thereby holds the capacity to deny any clause which may not legally seem suitable to him.

We hope that you will consider this as an attorney authorization letter and give your confirmation to us by replying to this letter.

Thanking you,


Peter Mathews

Marshall Corporation