Agent authorization letter is usually prescribed to an authority to let their agent or employee to be the main signer or contact person in an agreement or treaty. It discloses all of the important details of the agreement to the signer and be liable for any result of the said agreement. Here is a sample:


Meldows Towing Company

#3 Greenland parking lot, Branes

Greenland, France 239

Dated: March 12, 2015

Re: Signing of release paper of Relds Trucks

Good day Sir/ Mam, in behalf of our Truck services, our staff Mr. Ryan Bates will stand as our representative in claiming our two Mercedes trucks which was towed last month. He will sign the necessary release papers for our trucks. Inform him for any additional necessities for the release papers; ask him for the needed documents and permits that you need. Also he will provide us with a copy of the release papers to act on behalf of the Owner/Operator.

All such costs, fees, expenses, papers, etc., shall remain exclusively for the account of the Relds truck services and the above-named company as its owners and/or operators. But if our agent does not comply in your requirements immediately call us at 7392138 so we can confront him. We are looking forward with this agreement.


Relds Truck services