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New Year Letter to Employees

The New Year letter to employee is usually made by the employer or the management of the company. This is to greet their employees for the coming of the year while recognizing their accomplishments from the previous year. The New Year letter to employee is intended to maintain the good relationship and communication among the staffs working in the company. Here is a sample

Sample New Year Letter to Employees

To all of our employees,

The administration greet you a Happy New Year and a prosperous days for this year. It’s been a difficult one to our corporation last year as we are faced with treacherous competition and our sales has been a little stiff, but because of your loyalty, dedication and brilliant plans we are able to survive those challenges. Now we are moving forward to a much known status in this industry and we are already near to achieving our corporate goal of becoming a top technological consultant corporation in this country.

Our administration personnel will give incentives to employees who have been a great contributor to the success of our corporation. Teamwork and intelligent minds is our ace in this tough market, we hope that we will still have this goal achieving ingredients this year to our service so we can serve our clients much better and efficient. We are looking to have a bright future to you as our employee as you are the craftsman of this corporation who always give their best in all of their works. Thank you for a wonderful year and let us make a much better one to all of us. This is the your president reaching out for your help.


President Jun Mito

New Year Letter to Clients

The New Year letter to clients is an opportunity for the business or company to grow as well not only a means of greeting them. Letters to clients is a way to inform them of the promotions, new products and latest discounts that the company is offering during the New Year season. It is a helpful approach to keep them reminded of the company that brings them satisfaction and excellent service. Here is the sample:

Sample New Year Letter to Clients

To our valued clients,

The United Bank Corporations would like to tell you a happy New Year to all of our clients who are always been loyal to us for the past decades. Our company has been one of the leading banks not only in this country but internationally, we cannot reach this height without your help and investments to our banks. We thank you for all of your support and patronage in our business so this year we are giving incentives to our loyal customers for more than two decades so we are giving you a voucher and gifts worth two thousand dollars.

You can claim them at your nearest United bank branch in your place, just present your identification card and United Bank card for validation. We hope that we make the start of your year a happy one with our tokens; we are looking forward to have a smooth and trustworthy partnership with you for the years to come. May you let United Bank Corporation the bank be your partner and serve you the best way we can. Once again we hope you all the best and may God guide you to all of your plans in life.

New Year Letter to Teacher

As the year ends and a new year will start, it is an important thing that students must appreciate every single people around them including their teachers who became a good mentor to them. A letter can be a simple method to employ but it will mean so much to the teachers when they receive it coming from your heart and effort.

Sample New Year Letter to Teacher

To Ms. Fields Goodman,

We the third grade Jupiter class wants to say a happy New Year to our jolly and inspiring teacher Ms. Fields. As one of our finest mentor in our school, you are the adviser that never gives up and do some tricks that you can only do so we can understand the lessons well. You do the role as our class advisor and show your concern to us.

You always make sure that each one of us is not left behind in the class and checks if we really do the assignments like we should, with that we appreciate your enthusiasm in teaching us and imparting your experiences to us so we could make better decisions in life even if we are just third graders who just know to play and have fun in school when its break time. We will learn more things in our life and you lay us the stepping stone we should step on in order to have the will to achieve our dreams in life. We only wish for you and to your family to have a good health and countless blessings in any forms be with you always, we as your class students will listen and follow you all the time.


Mr. Pring Gless

President, III-Jupiter

New Year Letter to Boss

New Year is an event to be celebrated. As we move on from the past and previous years, we welcome the coming of more years. A New Year greeting is a special way that employees and staffs can do to their boss or employer. This letter is a good start to continue serving the company with your boss. Here is a sample:

Sample New Year Letter to Boss

Dear Boss,

Happy New Year and a superb holiday to our very responsible boss of the year, we know you are a little dominant and infuriated when some of your orders are not met especially to some project deadlines. I know that it’s annoying and irritating to us when you do that bossy stuff but I understand that you only do that as you only want t meet the demands of our clients and do the role as our manager. Not all of us understand your work but we know that you are just doing the right thing for the company and to our jobs as well.

We wish all the goodness of God be poured into you, your family and dreams in life. All of your staff is gullible in your ability and skills as our department manager even if some of us don’t give a care for you. We hope that you will still the same responsible and considerable manager we need in our area so we can be at our peak and achieve the target we want to have. Thank you so much boss for everything you have done for us, we learn a lot from you and you will be the role model we should be in our career.

Yours truly,

Ms. Pie Nereid

Happy New Year Letter Sample to Customers

A New Year sample letter to customers is a great way to show the greetings to your valued customers or clients. It is not only intended for a New Year greeting but also a way to remember your customers and communicates well to them through a letter. Here is a sample:

Happy New Year Letter Sample to Customers

To all of our customers,

The King Chao Restaurant is greeting you a happy New Year for you and your family; you as our customer yearning that you are in good status, we would like to reach our deepest gratitude and celebrate the New Year with us as we are preparing to have a half the price meals of any kind this coming week. Our restaurant is well known to its noodles and fried rice which you as our customer have been a supporter for more than a decade.

With this little appreciation gift we hope that you could celebrate the holidays with us and feel the true happiness of being with your family this New Year. Without you, we won’t survive the never ending competition in the food industry as you always go back to our place and share the happiness with us. For the whole week we are giving all of our meals half the price in all kinds from appetizers to drinks. Also we will give some take away home roasted duck as sign of good fortune to your home. The King Chao Restaurant cares for their customers and will be responsible to give the food that our customers’ wants most all day of the year.

Happy New Year Email to Employees

New Year is a celebration day for all. As we thank all the blessings that we have received from the past years, we keep on struggling and facing with confidence the coming of another year. Aside from letters, an advance method of sending our greetings to someone can be through an electronic mail. The management of the company will always find time to greet and appreciate their employees by simply creating a happy new year via email.

Sample Happy New Year Email to Employees

To all of our workers,

The Coke Soda Company would want to send you our sincere regards and a wonderful year may arrive into your doorstep this moment. We are writing this letter to thank all of our enthusiastic staffs who work nonstop in order to have a better formula of our drinks that our customer wants a lot. With our revenues high and the recognition of our drink has been well known internationally since last year, we are glad to say that we are giving extra Christmas bonus of whole month pay this January, this is our way of saying thank you to our hardworking staffs and loyal employees in this company.

The company is looking forward to have a better working relationship to all of its employees so we could be better in serving the drinks that our clients want here and abroad. May we start this year right and end it right as no one else would benefit to our hard work but us. We wish all the best things in life be granted unto you and your family and may be this gift be the start of that. Once again the Board Members wish you a good life and happy holidays!

New Year Letter to Family

A Happy New Year letter to family is a special way to express the love within the members of the family. As the year will turn into another year, we want to celebrate and reminiscing the past of the good memories. Through a letter we want to have our families on our side and keep something valuable in this kind of greeting letter. Here is a sample:

Sample New Year Letter to Family

To my Family,

Hello there, I hope you are in good condition specially our kids, Happy New Year to you my love, please send my warmest regards to our children and tell them how I really love them. This year here has been a cold season for us and it’s been hard to me being far away from you and to our family. I may be far away in your side but I always remind myself that this is just a little sacrifice for a better life for our family. Just a little bit patience and I will be home for the next two months.

I want to make this year one of the most beautiful one in our life as a family. Just always tell our children to be good and follow all our preach to them as it is for own sake why we do this, let them reminded of my presence with the gifts I gave them last Christmas and be better in school so they can be whatever they want to be. My love, just smile when you are sad and call me when you are longing for my presence. I love you so much, my children, take care and always pray.

Yours truly,


Happy New Year Letter Sample

Happy New Year letter samples are of different structure and styles. Using the advance technology, the letters are personalized and made something unique and special. There are samples for happy New Year intended for different age group and kind of people. As long as the greeting for happy New Year stays, there will be no fruitful other than making a letter that comes from the heart. Here is a sample

Happy New Year Letter Sample

Dear Father,

Another year has come to our life and as our sole provider, I want to say a happy new year to all of us especially to you as you always been the responsible man that we always adored in our family. Let the bad memories and disobedience I have done to you be vanished into your memories so we can move on to a brighter tomorrow. You always make our New Year a complete and memorable one to all of us, so we want to make the same thing for you, even if we are in the same house.

We will make our year today a well spent time for all of us as we are migrating to Canada as a whole family and celebrate your birthday there with us. I know this is your dream to be able to go abroad for once in your life so we are giving it to you; we wish you more blessings to your life, be as strong man with sincere and kind heart. Your grandchildren are waiting for you here so you can take a good care of them and teach them some life lessons like you did for us before. We love you Dad and I am proud to say that you are my Father.

Yours truly,

Manny Pasco

New Year Letter to Friends

Friends are for keeps. Any kind of letter or gift is highly valued and appreciated. As the start of another year, people let go of the past and welcome the coming of more years. A New Year letter to friends is a greeting letter that makes your bonding and friendship going strong no matter how many years will come. Here is a sample:

Sample New Year Letter to Friends

To my circle of friends,

Happy New Year to all of my friends and a successful life for our entire career, one year has been added to our friendship and it will be more years to come to prove that our loyalty to each other is real. Many of us have been far away and we did not forget to have a call so we would know how the condition of each of us is specially those who are abroad.

I want to let you know that some of our friends are setting up a party so we could celebrate the end of the year with a joy to our hearts and face the new challenges with a brave soul this year. I want also to express my deepest gratitude for all of the assistance you have given to me from time to time when I asked for your help. When you I miss my family I found it into you, enjoy some moments of my life and appreciate all the things that I have here to see them as blessings. Let’s hope for a better year today; if you need some help of any kind don’t be shy to call me an d I will be there.


Tom Sawyer

Happy New Year Letter to Professor

Writing a letter is a tough and challenging task for most people. But writing a letter on greeting days such as the New Year is an appreciative to do. Happy New Year letter intended for professors is a call for students who recognize and value the works and teachings of their professors. It is a way to remember them outside the school activities and classroom discussion.

Sample Happy New Year Letter to Professor

To our respected Professor Eden,

We at class II- Gauss want to greet you a Happy New Year and a blessed life for you and your family. Thank you for all the teaching you educated us, the life lessons we should embody to become a productive and exemplary citizen of our community. It’s been a great year to all of my classmates who were always fond of your funny stories but maintain the composure of a professional; you teach us the value of truthfulness, camaraderie, imagination and perseverance not only in class but to our day to day activities.

I can say that this school year will be one of the most memorable and happiest moments of my student life, I experienced being a student as getting along with my classmates and have fun while maintain the requirements in school. I felt how important to be happy every day even if the going gets tough, be thankful for all we have, and cherish the moments of being with your family or loved ones until there is time. Thank you so much for everything Sir, we learn what we should know and we hope that this year will be a fruitful year for you, you will always be remembered by us.


Section II- Gauss