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Follow Up Letter after Meeting

Follow up letter after meeting is a letter made for the evaluation of a conference or meeting in which the sender wants to accomplish out of it. It emphasizes the issue that has been raised and discussed after a conference and finds a resolution subsequent to it. Here is a sample:

Sample Follow Up Letter after Meeting

To:  Mr. Gorge Cloon

Chairman of the Board

Land Transportation Committee

#23 Walk Street, Virginia

Illinois, USA #654

Dated: May 19, 20XX

Re: Motion of meeting for petition of increase in taxi fare

Dear Mr. Cloon,

Good day Sir, we at the Illinois Taxi Driver Association, would like to appraise the meeting we had last May 11, 2015 regarding the increase at taxi fare from $ 5.00 starting fare to $8.00 and additional $0.30 per meter from $0.20 cab rate per meter, this concern is brought up due our countries increase in inflation rate and continuous swell of oil price in which most of our income go to. We also based this decision primarily to our income per day as it will not suffice our daily expenses especially to our children’s needs. Our association is unified to pursue our request as it will not just benefit our families but it will make our earnings easily adjusted to expenses especially in gasoline. We cannot take anymore the surging prices of everyday expenses.

At our meeting we talked about this topic and we hoped that there will be a great result out of this as we summarized all our reasons and effect of this request not only to us but especially to our passengers as they are the ones who will suffer the most due to this petition. We hoped that before this month of May ends there will be resolution to our appeal that will settle the issue that we encumber. We will follow up to you Sir as long as there will be the final decision to our petition; thank you Mr. Cloon to your consideration and God bless.


Mr. Ben Toth

President, Illinois Taxi Driver Association

Medical Hardship Letter

Medical hardship letter is a letter sent to the credit collector or billing officer of a hospital in which the patient or the relatives had already exceeded the limit in the payment of the hospital bill and cannot pay the upcoming bills for the medical management of the patient. They plead to make an arrangement for the payment of the hospital bills and adjust some charges to them, here is a sample:

From:  Mr. Raff Jude

#12 Koala Street, New Jersey

Boston, USA #74

To:  Ms. Marilo Gerh

Credit Manager

St. Mary Research Hospital

Boston, USA #74

Dated: May 24, 2015

Re:  Adjustment in payment of Hospital bills

Dear Mr. Jude ,

I am writing this letter to express my concern regarding the hospital bill of my mother Mrs. Diane Jude which was admitted last May 17, 2015 due to Heart congestion and Pneumonia. Her recent bill was $ 120,000 in total and still increasing, our health insurance cannot all the expense as we did not pay the insurance to cover all of it, instead they will just cover half of it and leave the other half to us. I am the only one looking at my mother as my father died five years ago due to stroke and my brother is still studying at his third year college for Law. I am working as Stock Broker in the Boston stock Exchange with a monthly income of $40,000; I cannot pay all the hospital bills at once as I also attend to my brothers need in school and the expenses at our house. I am asking kindly to please have her bills be paid after her discharge this weekend, so our bills will not anymore increase. I will pay the said bill and will take any step like promissory note and an assurance letter that I will pay the pending bills.

Please be considerate as you know it is not easy to have someone of your family be hospitalized, thank you so much for reading this, I will follow up tomorrow for your response.


Mr. Raff Jude

Follow Up Letter to Recruiter

Follow up letter to recruiter is a letter sent to employer to check his/her application for the available job that fits the applicant’s talent or course. It shows the interest of the applicant to the vacant job and let the recruiter or employer seek more attention to the candidate’s profile, here is a sample:

To: Mr. Lourd Vera

Good Shepherd Recruiting Agency

#83 Will Street, Dollman Building, Brook

Kentucky, USA#192

From: Ms. Finch Hert

#92 Dull Street, Gordon

Brooklyn, USA #993

Dated: May 21, 20XX

Re: Follow up Application letter

Dear Mr. Vera,

I wish you good day as you read this letter, I Ms. Finch Hert, I would like to follow up my application to your agency for the available job you advertise as Computer Programmer abroad. I submitted my resume and the needed requirements before our interview; I had my interview last week at your human resource office and passed it. I would just want to confirm my application and how long it will take for me to get the job. I need any confirmation about my inquiry to the job I am applying so I can know the status of my application. I am not bugging you regarding this matter, it is just that I have all the qualifications for the available job, I am physically fit for it, I just don’t want to waste any time waiting for nothing, I jus

If there is any need to accomplish any requirements and if you see my credential interesting, please call me at my contact number at my resume, I thank you for your time and the opportunity you have given to me.


Ms. Princess Maria

Follow Up Letter after Thank You Letter

Follow up letter after thank you letter is a letter noted for sending an appreciation letter for the opportunity given to the sender, it is usually done in applicants who have just got their interview and following up the job they are applying to; its content is quite interested and seems desperate but in firm with the professional application of an applicant, here is a sample:

Sample Follow Up Letter after Thank You Letter

To: Ms. Tomi Stork

Chairman of the Board

Stork Industies

#10 Malivu Street, Los Angeles

California, USA # 2930

From: Mr. Wurr Machnne

#98 Marvel Street, Massachusetts

Beverly Hills, USA # 023

Dated: May 22, 2015

Re: Follow up letter

Dear Mr. Stork,

Good Morning Sir, I am Mr. Wurr Machnne, I am the applicant who sends you the appreciation letter last week for the interview I had for the vacant job as Mechanical Engineer in your well known and respected Stork Industries, the one and only leading company that makes the innovative and ground breaking gadgets and machines in the world. I am following up my application for the available job as I know I can help in the development and progress in your company. I know that I can create new and advanced machines and can create new tools for infrastructure and industries. I had an outstanding achievements when it comes to academic and projects; I have my curriculum vitae with you as for your perusal and validation. I can work harmoniously with others and have a good leadership with skills when it comes to developing projects. I am imaginative and can improvise things out of something which is needed in all projects to create something new.

If you need to contact me please call me at 20844-9586 or at my email I thank you for all the opportunity you have given to me, I wish more luck and wealth in your company.


Mr. Wurr Machnne

Follow Up Letter After Sending Resume

Follow up letter after sending resume is a letter sent to the employer after no response was given to an applicant after few days or weeks. The applicant is petitioning to the employer that he/she needs the job and highlighting his/her abilities and skills that the employer needs. Here is a sample:

Sample Follow Up Letter After Sending Resume

To:  Mr. Pewter Schindt

Head, Road kill towing services

#678 Frib Avenue, Okinawa

Kyoto, Japan #7627

From: Mr. Naruto Uzmak

#23 Henshin Street, Konoha

Kobe, Japan # 456

Re: Application letter

Dear Mr. Schindt,

I am Mr. Naruto Uzmak, I am applying as a tow truck driver at your business, I had passed my resume last week and I want to follow up my application; it’s been eight days, is it right to ask if can I just check if you will accept my submission to you, I really need the job as tow truck driver, you have my resume and you can check my experiences and background. I have been a licensed professional truck driver for six years and a cargo truck driver at the Kyoto sea port for almost three years. I can have a duty as an on-call driver even if its morning or night shifts; I have also an experience in driving construction vehicle like crane and cement mixer. All my police and driving record are all clear of any accidents or damages; you can check it at my record along with the resume I sent to you a week ago.

Please call me at my cell phone number 093884-38373 or sent me an email at my email address I am hoping that I can work in your towing company and be a part of it for a long time. Thank you for your time Sir and God bless!

Yours truly,

Mr. Naruto Uzmak

Immigration Hardship Letter

Immigration hardship letter is a letter sent to the judge holding the case of an immigrant who is now at the verge of deporting back to his/her own country in which that person wants to stay in that specific country to help his/her own family or relative; the reasons may be financial, health, safety or education. Here is a sample:

Sample Immigration Hardship Letter

From:  Mr. Henry Lusa

#102 Derma Street, Idaho

Ontario, Canada #283

To: Judge Frich Grejuro

Court of Immigration Of Canada

Quebec, Canada #902

Dated: May 24, 2015

Re:  Hold for Deportation Order

Dear Mr. Gerujo,

I am writing this letter for my brother Mr. Kenneth Lusa who has been at my care for almost a year now. I am pleading to hold the deportation order that was given to him due to the reason that his green visa is only valid for eight months only. He is at my house and take cares of our mother who is at her 78 years of age and cannot live alone at our home, I am working full time at the Disney Land Theme Park at Quebec as Vice President of it, I cannot look out at my mother who because I work for almost eight to nine hours a day for five days a week. I need someone whom I trusted so much and loves my mother as much as I love her, our mother is the one who help us to be at our place right now in our life, my brother has been a good person with no criminal record, if he is deported back to Philippines he will find difficulty finding a good job like he have now as assistant manager at a McDonald’s Branch at Idaho.  With all this reasons I am begging to your kind heart to help my brother be a citizen of Canada as I love to be with him with my mother. We are processing the necessary papers to make this happen and we need more time to accomplish it.

Please contact me at 9238-8376 or mail me at the address above, I am willing to take any conditions to hold the deportation order of my brother. Thank you for the time and for taking this issue.


Ms. Henry Lusa

Fundraising Appeal Letter

Fundraising appeal letter is a letter asking people and organizations to have a donation for supporting their projects and missions; this letter must tell the details of the sender and their purpose for the letter, it must be appealing and swaying the donors to give something for the organization, here is a sample:

Sample Fundraising Appeal Letter

From: Books for Everyone Organization

#12 Einstein Street, Oslo

Port, Norway #826

Dated: May 20, 20XX

Re: Fundraising for Book Donation

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

Goo day, we at Books for Everyone Organization, has been a pioneer for giving and donating books to all schools and orphanage to our country but also to countries that still lacking the capability to support their school children. We at our organization want to make all students here in our country to have a book to read, not just for the purpose on how to read but to learn. By simply reading a book, it can open the mind by everyone especially to young students who have more to learn in their life. They are not just learning the facts of life but also developing their imaginations and knowledge; we reached the most farthest and isolated communities in our country to give them books and writing materials for their school, to orphanage so the children’s can learn the basic ABC’s and abroad so as to share our culture and ideas to them.

With this we are asking you to donate $6 dollars for every two books that we are donating, to support their studies and future, the money you will give will make a big impact in their life and create a better people in our community. You can donate your amount at this bank account #12902-3773(Union Bank) or to some donation boxes located at some School supply stores nationwide. You and your donation will make our students prepare for their future, we at our organization thank you with all gratitude for your help.


Mr. Rolce Seuss


Books for Everyone Organization

Follow Up Cover Letter

Follow up cover letter that can be used by an applicant to confirm the request for the job his/her applying. It is personal and polite to please the employer or the owner of the company, its sole purpose is to follow up, here is a sample:

To: (Name of employer or owner of the company)

(Title/position in the company)

(Organization/Company name)

(Address of the company organization)

(City, State, Zip Code)

From: (Name of applicant)

(Address of applicant)

(Your City, State, Zip Code)

(Phone Number and email address)


Re: follow up cover letter

Dear (Mr. /Ms. Last name of employer):

(The first paragraph usually is indicates the appreciation and gratitude of the applicant for the interview and opportunity given to him/her. It tells the experience of the applicant in the previous interview.)

(The second part of the paragraph is telling the employer about your special skills and talents that makes you different from other applicants and makes you the best candidate for the job; this part emphasizes your abilities that are relatable to the available job that can make you an asset for the company. You can state the things you didn’t brought up from the last interview that the employer is looking for an applicant. Tell that you are interested in the vacant job and willing to take some adjustments to improve oneself to impress the employers view of your application.)

(The last part of the paragraph tells the thankfulness of the applicant for the break given to him/her and you are hopeful to hear a message about your application

Yours truly,

(Name of applicant)

New Year Letter to Employees

The New Year letter to employee is usually made by the employer or the management of the company. This is to greet their employees for the coming of the year while recognizing their accomplishments from the previous year. The New Year letter to employee is intended to maintain the good relationship and communication among the staffs working in the company. Here is a sample

Sample New Year Letter to Employees

To all of our employees,

The administration greet you a Happy New Year and a prosperous days for this year. It’s been a difficult one to our corporation last year as we are faced with treacherous competition and our sales has been a little stiff, but because of your loyalty, dedication and brilliant plans we are able to survive those challenges. Now we are moving forward to a much known status in this industry and we are already near to achieving our corporate goal of becoming a top technological consultant corporation in this country.

Our administration personnel will give incentives to employees who have been a great contributor to the success of our corporation. Teamwork and intelligent minds is our ace in this tough market, we hope that we will still have this goal achieving ingredients this year to our service so we can serve our clients much better and efficient. We are looking to have a bright future to you as our employee as you are the craftsman of this corporation who always give their best in all of their works. Thank you for a wonderful year and let us make a much better one to all of us. This is the your president reaching out for your help.


President Jun Mito

New Year Letter to Clients

The New Year letter to clients is an opportunity for the business or company to grow as well not only a means of greeting them. Letters to clients is a way to inform them of the promotions, new products and latest discounts that the company is offering during the New Year season. It is a helpful approach to keep them reminded of the company that brings them satisfaction and excellent service. Here is the sample:

Sample New Year Letter to Clients

To our valued clients,

The United Bank Corporations would like to tell you a happy New Year to all of our clients who are always been loyal to us for the past decades. Our company has been one of the leading banks not only in this country but internationally, we cannot reach this height without your help and investments to our banks. We thank you for all of your support and patronage in our business so this year we are giving incentives to our loyal customers for more than two decades so we are giving you a voucher and gifts worth two thousand dollars.

You can claim them at your nearest United bank branch in your place, just present your identification card and United Bank card for validation. We hope that we make the start of your year a happy one with our tokens; we are looking forward to have a smooth and trustworthy partnership with you for the years to come. May you let United Bank Corporation the bank be your partner and serve you the best way we can. Once again we hope you all the best and may God guide you to all of your plans in life.