Stellar Mark,

CEO and Director,

Unibic Industries,


Date: 22nd April 2014

Subject: I and the entire staff appreciate you and the work culture you’ve instilled.

Respected Mark,

Greetings for the days!

I hope I am not disturbing you in the mid of something really important. By writing this letter I just wanted to bring to your notice that it is not only me but the entire staff members of Unibic Industries are proud to have an employer like you.

Getting a super boss to whom we can look up to as an ideal, who we know cares about all the staff, who instils a strong friendly and politics free culture in the organization is hard to find. We all feel lucky and honoured that we are working for one such person. At a tender age you have touched great milestones and have set up high parameters for all of us which is making us grow not only as an employee but also as a individual.

This letter is just intended to say a hearty thank you on the behalf of all the employees of Unibic Industries as you have inspired each one of us in a special way and changed our life in a meaningful way. We just request you to remain the same over the years so that it is not only the limited number of people who experience delight at work but the chain expands in leaps and bounds.

Thanking you and wishing you all the more success,

Delisha Gresham

Head of Human Resource Department

Unibic Industries